Ring A Day Exhibition at Punch Gallery!

In 2010, a large group of artists undertook the task of creating a Ring A Day for 365 days.   Only a handful of people made it the whole year, but many of us made it for 100+ days.  

The results of those efforts are now being shown in an exhibition, Ring A Day, at the Punch Gallery in Seattle, WA.  I'm very excited to be participating in the show, and am looking forward to seeing everyone's rings during the SNAG gallery walk!  For more information, visit the Punch Gallery website, or click on the image for a bigger view.



  1. Hi Catherine, congratulation , i would like to use your photo with the invitation for showing it on my blog too,...I will participate with a photograph in the exhibition too.

  2. It's actually an image provided by Shannon Conrad. She has it on flickr. I'll have to add credit to the post tonight!


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