Ring A Week No. 1

For 2011, I have joined a group called Ring A Week, and will be making.....you guessed it: one ring every week!  

Above is my first ring, which I titled "A Catfish For Tom".  Recently, one of my friends passed away after a tough battle with cancer. Right after he passed away, I had a dream about him. He and I were standing in a pool in a river, trying to catch fish, but we had no poles. So, Tom said we had to slap the water in a really fast rhythm with our hands to make the fish come up to the surface. We did so, and a bunch of black catfish started swimming to the surface. We stood there, slapping the water, and then grabbing the fish and throwing them onto the banks. In the end, we had stacks of black catfish! So this one goes to Tom...may his journeys be full of fish.

Each week, I will be posting these rings...some will be for sale in my Etsy shop, and others will remain in my private collection.  Enjoy!



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