Ocean Treasures...

I was once told by a professor not to make the stone the focal point of a piece of jewelry.  Perhaps that works for small stones, that can be hidden in secret places only to be found by curiosity, but personally, I select stones that want to be seen.  They want to stand out, and be worn with pride.  They deserve to be seen, and fawned at in their beauty.
These stones, to me, hold mystery and stories.
What can you see within them?

This features a gorgeous Ocean Jasper with a variety of colors.  I love how the colors spread through the stone, accented by the spot of yellow among them.

These stones are some of my favorites.  I had the Ocean Jasper custom cut, and the feature orbs of white, grey, and yellow throughout.

You can find these, plus many other creations, in my Etsy Shop!  



  1. I agree with you, that ocean jasper stone needs to be front and center. It's beautiful.

  2. Thank you, Lisette! As a maker, I purchase stones because I want to show them off, not hide them :D


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