Another Year...

I turn 28 today!!! As I get older, each number feels a little more surreal, but 28 feels like a nice, round number. In my mind that sees letters and numbers in color, these numbers are two shades of green, which are very calming colors to me. I am hoping that this year brings about a lot of re-connecting with friends and family, growth in new directions, and more and more love.

Thank you, readers, for being a part of my life! And thank you to my friends and family for always loving me and being there for me!



  1. glad you had a wonderful birthday, kitty ... funny thing about those numbers ... my 2's are usually yellow, my 8's are brown :o). but aren't we luck to have this gift of seeing letters and numbers in color? there's a scientific term for this ability ... need to google it though. all my love, mama

  2. Hope it's a wonderful day for you Catherine! I agree, 28 is a nice number :-) xo


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