Spring has sprung. It has been springing for a while, actually. I have simply been too distracted to write about it. But here it is, in all its glory....

Spring means lots of hikes, brunch dates with friends, and working on new jewelry. Since the new studio has been set up (it's still a work in progress, but the essentials are there) I've been much more comfortable in the space and have been able to work on some commissions, which is always fun. I don't usually take on commissions, except for extremely close friends and family.

For my god-daughter's school auction, I created a jewelry and necklace set. I think they were split up for the auction, but they turned out beautifully. I'd been carrying those dalmation jaspers around for years, so I was happy to make something out of them and find them a new home.

I would love to get more time in the studio on a regular basis, but life takes over. Working full-time has its perks (hello, paycheck) but it means that my weekends are usually taken up by "life stuff"....you know--brunch, getting outside, doing chores. I'm slowly but systematically eradicating things in my life that create extra work at the moment. I'm not a 'minimalist' by any means, but I have no qualms about stowing away extra dishes and taking boxes of unecessary belongings to Goodwill. How do we end up with all this 'stuff,' anyway? The goal is to simplify, so that I can spend less time doing grunt work and more time doing what I love.

I was talking to someone recently, and the topic of time in relation to creative depth came up. I've been feeling lately like I just can't get too deep into thought with projects lately because I don't have the time to commit to them. It's a tricky balance--the ability to create something that has deeper meaning with only small amounts of time to really delve into those subjects.

And then, I have also been inspired in other ways, which also distract from jewelry pursuits. As silly as it may sound, I started watching a show on Netflix that grabbed my heart. It is a totally cheesy show with completely unrealistic plotlines, but it's fun and inspiring--No Tomorrow. Without giving away the entire plot/story, it makes you think about what you would do if you had say....8 months to live. And it's made me want to grab at a lot of opportunities that have a lot to do with living an incredible life.  The other show that's inspiring me is Bossgirl. I really want to read the book, but I'm halfway into the series already so I'll finish that first (I rarely watch a movie/show without reading the book first....should be interesting).

More soon....



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