Making It Happen

Sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to have the life you want. With that in mind, I have been spending more time in the studio, making things happen.

Metalsmithing is a time-consuming pursuit, but the beauty that one can create is what makes it worth the time and energy. That is what led me to metalsmithing in the first place--that feeling of alchemy, creation, magic. It leaves you with a sense of wonder--the ability to take a flat sheet of metal and create something three dimensional out of it. And that is what I hear time and time again in peoples' stories of why they became metalsmiths--it is a magical experience.

I am all about the magic right now--not in the "I'm a unicorn/mermaid/fairy" sense that requires one to dye their hair multiple colors, dress in costumes, and drink questionably bright smoothies--I look for it in the small things. The tiny moments that many people have stopped paying attention to. Like seeing a hummingbird speed by as I am running in the wetlands with the pup. Or noticing an incredibly bright orange lichen that is almost a perfect circle. Or bonding with new extended family members and reveling in how one person can bring so many together. Life is fully of magic--we just have to look outside of ourselves, and really pay attention, to find it.

And sometimes, you are lucky enough to have the ability to create magic right in the studio, time and time again. This is all part of me designing the life I want to live. Here's to making it happen.

(And to all you beauties who are unicorns/mermaids/fairies, you do you! You and your creativity are part of what makes this world wonderful!)



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