The Collaboration

This is happening.

The Halite is here.
The new pink notebooks are on their way.
There will be trips to equestrian stores for salt licks this week (and somewhere to pick up carving tools).
And copious amounts of salt will be purchased.
Possibly a trip to the coast for saltwater.

This is happening.

When Sonya passed away, I wavered. Then I stood firm. The notebook we shared, which she had at the time, has gone missing. I wrote down everything I could remember that we talked about, and I have a few pictures of the notes as well. I started developing ideas. Then I wavered again.
Finally, I listened to the podcast on Bench Talk Radio--an interview with Rachel Timmins and Brigitte Martin, the founders of Co:operation: Garnish.

I thought, "Is this hopeless? Should I just...give up?" But then, the interviewer asked about the ration of collaboration between two artists. Is one person putting in 10% and the other 90% okay? It is. It is still a collaboration. In Sonya's absence, I can still move forward and bring our designs to light.

Her fascination with ancient roman jewelry, my (well, our) love of clean lines. We talked about necklaces, neckpieces, something for the shoulders. She had drawings of cameos in her notebook. She talked about tears, salt of the body.

This is happening.



  1. This is all you can do. You must keep going, and you must finish. There is no other way.


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