Stand Tall

 Oregonians are a proud bunch. We live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, with climates ranging from temperate rainforest to desert. In every direction you look, there are trees, water, and mountains in various formations. Oregon has taught me to appreciate nature, to respect its highest peaks and deepest lakes. Oregon has taught me to gaze down its gorges with awe, and delight when a rainbow dances across them.

The people are kind, welcoming strangers into their world with open arms. No matter where I have traveled, anyone I meet who as been to Oregon has remarked on this. The people of Oregon vary widely, ranging from ranchers in dust-blown rambling towns to wealthy steel magnates living in luxury in the city. 

Oregonians stand tall, just like the trees and mountains that surround us. Inspired by the Oregon landscape, as well as the Pendleton brand, I have created a set of necklace and earrings that speaks to these qualities. Utilizing abstract shapes, these pieces reference the landscape that surrounds us, nudging at the history surrounding the symbols.

The links of the necklace represent the rivers, streams, and ocean, although it has been commented that they could reference the mountain ranges that surround us, as well. There are mountains and trees pierced on the back of the pieces--little surprises, reminders, of the landscape. The stones--Sonora Sunrise Jasper--emulate the colors of the landscape. Earthen reds and striking blue sky. The colors are a tip of the hat to Pendleton's historic colors, as is the use of geometric design for the symbols of the landscape.

Signed, sealed, and delivered, I now wait for these pieces to be properly photographed before I see them again. Then it will be a tour of an exhibition or two, a preview, and finally...OCAC's Art on the Vine Auction.



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