The Commission

If you have been following my work on instagram, flickr, twitter, or facebook, you have probably noticed that I've been working on a certain project for the past few months.

I often refer to this project as "The Commission."

Every year, the Oregon College of Art and Craft hosts a benefit auction, Art on the Vine, featuring art and wine. All of the proceeds go towards scholarships at the college, and every year, the college commissions students from various students to create artwork that will be auctioned off. Students must submit a proposal to the committee, which then whittles down the artists who will be chosen. We are given a materials budget, payment, and are guests at multiple events featuring the work, including the auction.

I was awarded the "Student Commission Award" for the metals department, and at once, set forth re-designing my proposal (as was requested). I designed a suite of five objects (seen above), from which the necklace and earring designs were chosen by the committee. They represent key elements of the Oregon landscape--trees, mountains, and water--and are highly abstracted, as is part of my style, but also an inspiration from Pendleton Woolen Mills, which has been a part of my life and family since I was young (my father was a cowboy-turned-lawyer, and my stepdad was a hunter). 

I have been working steadily on this project, and am nearing completion. It's due next week! Part of me is excited to see it done, and another part is sad to let it go. I'll be glad to see the set go to a good home, though.

Keep tuned for more pictures of the final pieces!



  1. looking great. I can't wait to see the final outcome


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