Toasting to Love

Hello, My Sweets!

It has been a wonderful week in Portland. The sky was grey most of the time, but the week whooshed by unencumbered by it. 
Valentine's Day was wonderful here, and I hope yours was, too! David and I fixed up a huge amount of home-made sushi and seaweed salad, finished off with wine and local chocolate truffles from our favorite truffle maker, Missionary Chocolates. Honestly, it was the best Valentine's Day I've had in long time.

My study load has been steadily increasing--this semester I'm taking Art History, Nature & Culture (which is right up my alley, dealing with the nature and culture of us, the world, everything), Digital Tools for Artists (which is definitely teaching me new skills and ways of looking at creating art in different ways), and Drawing. It's all very 2-D, and honestly, my body is aching for some metalsmithing. 

I'll be teaching a workshop to high schoolers in a month, so I'll definitely get some metal work done between now and then with prepping samples and such. I'll keep you all updated! 

What's new in your world?



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