Moving foward at warp speed....

Installation at OCAC by Karah Bruce-Larkin

I have been fairly absent for a while, I know. All is well here in the Northwest, and time is moving forward at warp speed. It seems like it was only a week ago that I was asked to teach a workshop at a local private high school, and it starts next Thursday! I'm so nervous, but very excited. I have a few last minute supplies to get, which can hopefully be settled this week. 

It also happens to be mid-term week at OCAC, so I have a lot of studying and project-creating to do. Overwhelmed would be an apt description of my emotional state at the moment, and yet I know that if I stay diligent and keep moving my feet forward, it will all get done, on time.

Soon, I'll be able to share a few projects with you. In my Digital Tools class we're printing on alternative surfaces, including fabric and aluminum. Keep your eyes peeled for some interesting projects!

I hope you all are doing well. Oh, did I mention, Spring has arrived in Portland! We have little planties growing all over the place. It's lovely!



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