Thorn Brooch Process

I don't have a whole lot of time at hand to make a video right now, so I thought I would post images and give you all a run-down of my process with these things.

My die, prepared, with sides A and B.

After annealing the copper, I trace the thorn onto the metal (extra preparation so I don't press the same side!)

I trim the copper a bit, and then tape it to the die to keep it from shifting while getting it into the hydraulic press.

Two pressed halves!  These were pressed to 4000 psi with 80 durometer urethane.

After sanding the bottom flat (as described in my Part 1 video) on sand paper taped to my bench, I flux the hollow forms and add solder to them for sweat soldering.

In order to keep the two halves from slipping while I'm soldering, I've made a set of "clips" to hold them together.  This is another good reason to leave some flange on your hollow forms.  The clips are made out of binding wire.

Hollow form halves fluxed, clipped, and ready to solder.

After soldering, allow your hollow form to cool all the way before putting it in the pickle, or you'll risk it warping if you quench it.

And to the studio!



  1. Your brilliance astounds.
    And, we have matching annealing pans.


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