A Perfect Day....


The day started out rough.  I woke up and felt absolutely compressed.  I cried, wrote a bit, cried some more, all while trying to go about my morning routine.  And then....after much umming and arring and ups and downs (I do this every year, and am so lucky to have a partner who is patient with me)...we went for a wonderful hike in Tryon Creek State Park, one of my father's favorite places.  

I grew up in this amazing place, just down the street.  My father and I would ride our horses on the horse trails, or walk on the hiking trails.  The smells of the moss and plants always brings me back to my childhood. 

Afterward, we headed to Blue Moon in NW Portland for Whiskey Sours, and of course, I had to throw in a brownie.  My dad and I shared the same fondness for chocolate, always sneaking bits and pieces here and there, when it was in the house.  

And now, I'm working in the studio.  All in all, a pretty perfect day.
I hope your day was perfect, too!



  1. I just can't believe the PNW is already blooming so beautifully....I say the same thing every year....I won't have cherry blossoms here until the very end of May.....

  2. The end of may?!? Oh dear! I wouldn't last that long...but it's also probably sunnier there :-) it's snowing in the hills here today! Poor plants :-)


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