A Look Into the Creative Process of a Metalsmith

Today, while I was working on one of the lockets for the Reality vs. Illusion exhibition, I decided that it would be a fun idea to make a video documenting my creative process, and share it here on the blog via YouTube.  I used my Canon G9 to make the video, so it might be a little fuzzy.  I'm new at videos and definitely hoping to get better at it.  I'm also hoping to have videos on here more regularly, of processes, tutorials, and little tips and tricks.  I would love to hear any feedback you might have!  

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Thank you!



  1. Loved your video Catherine! The project you're working on is conceptually very interesting & very well documented. That's a lot of work and research that you're doing.... I'm looking forward to see the next steps!

  2. Thank you, Maria! Yes, there is a lot of research and documentation that goes into it, and this one feels like it's taking forever to complete. However, that seems to be the way when you're working on a series of similar pieces--the first one always takes the longest!

  3. I love how organized the documentation of your design process is. You're inspiring me to write more down. Thanks for sharing this video with us.


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