Friday Finds: Marian Hosking

Marian Hosking is one of Australia's foremost contemporary jewelers. Having studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in the 1960's, she has a wealth of experience that she brings to the field of metalsmithing. She has been an integral part of the jewelry and metalsmithing community in Australia.

Her work evokes much of the natural world, where Hosking finds inspiration. Through a variety of techniques such as piercing, casting, and drilling, she transforms elements of the natural world into stunning silver beauties.

When I saw her work recently, I found the clean lines and graphic elements refreshing and invigorating. The aesthetic is the kind of aesthetic that continually inspired me during my studies in Australia.

If you would like to explore more of Marian Hosking's work, please have a look at her website. There are fabulous images of many many more pieces, as well as a little video on her way of creating, and her inspirations. Enjoy!



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