More Trials and Tribulations of Locket #1!

Here are a few more process shots of Locket #1.  This locket is full of challenges, and part of me is considering doing it over again.  Probably won't though.  Right now i'm making a faceplate for it to give me more working space for hinges.  Luckily, I JUST realized what I've been doing wrong.  I'll explain in my next little video!

When I went to make this faceplate for the locket, I started by tracing the body of the locket onto a file folder, and drawing lines across it at certain points to then draw the curves of my frame around somewhat symmetrically.

I trimmed the edge of the drawing off, and then used an xacto knife to cut out the inside.  I then traced the outlines of the faceplate onto copper. 

I also glued the outlined paper onto the copper so that it wouldn't move when I did the piercing.  The mistake I made was to not double check the body of the locket with the drawing before piercing out the center.  As it stands, the faceplate is difficult to solder onto the body of the locket accurately.

However, just writing this post has helped me realize exactly what I need to do.  I tacked the faceplate onto the body of the locket with a couple chips of solder initially to make sure it was in the right place.  That didn't work.  
So, I'll remove the faceplate, then transfer the drawing onto what is currently the body of the locket and pierce it out there.  Then, I will solder the locket onto a backplate.  Oh, how I wish I'd thought of this sooner!  But hey, all of these mistakes are just making me into a much better metalsmith.



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