Friday Finds: David Neale

I just spent the better part of an hour 'researching' about David Neale, a goldsmith in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. I regularly read CLOG, a blog by Craft Victoria, and their post on Neale caught my attention today.

Educated initially through an apprenticeship through a local goldsmith, but more formally at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Neale creates a variety of jewelery and objects. What I like about his work is the graphic quality of it. Whether the object itself is inspired by nature or animals or something else, much of the time it has been given a layer of paint, a different color, or texture, and that bit of color really breaks it out of the norm and grabs my attention.

In addition to the jewels he creates, I love the personality behind the artist...or what personality I can derive from his blog. It is definitely worth a read (or a few). My favorite story so far is how he started apprenticing with a local goldsmith when he was about 17. I hope you enjoy...

David Neale is showing work currently at Metalab in Sydney (Surry Hills), and has a great interview on Metalab's blog as well.



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