On Forgiveness: Forgiving Yourself

My mom sent me an email a while ago, with an article on forgiveness from a website called Abundance and Happiness. I have only started reading it today, as once again, I am dealing with the task of forgiving myself. One of the quotes talks about when someone makes the choice to hold onto resentment or "un-forgiveness" against another, which instead of hurting the person they are holding that resentment against, they are hurting themselves. The article also speaks of the negative emotional and physical side effects of holding such resentments against yourself or others.

Say you have hurt a friend...badly enough for you to both walk away from the friendship. But, your actions were with good intentions of helping said friend. Despite all the good intentions, and forgiveness from said friend, I am left with a sense of horrible wrongdoing, regret, and guilt. I now face the task of keeping a balanced perspective on the events that happened, reasons for walking away, and most importantly, forgiving myself. It is a hard task--sometimes much harder than forgiving someone else. But, I am cleansing my body both physically and emotionally, and I no longer want any negative energy in or around me.

How does one forgive themselves? Every person is different. I have learned a lot of different spiritual techniques in the past 10 years, and will probably concentrate on a lot of positive self-affirmations, writing un-sent letters, and reiki.



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