Friday Finds: Anya Kivarkis

Yesterday, Dave and I travelled to Eugene to have a tour of the metals studio at University of Oregon. It's one of the options I'm looking at to transfer to and complete a BFA in the U.S., so that some day I may be able to get my Master's (My BVA from University of South Australia is not equivalent).

One of the artists discovered, who I believe is also the head of Metals, is Anya Kivarkis. She is an amazing artist, who uses her medium to challenge historical ornamentation through mutation and alteration. Seeing her pieces, and some of her techniques, opened up a whole new realm of thought for me with regard to using my hydraulic press and creating hollow forms. My style is not nearly as ornamental as hers, however.

Her work can be seen on her website, the Sienna Gallery site, and Lamar Dodd School of Art site.

images via Sienna Gallery



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