A Wild Month

It has been a wild month. 

One full of gnashing teeth, fur, and claws. Transition and change. I think many people feel like at some point, life should feel "normal." Things should even out. I wish that were the case, but it seems that we are always in transition--always opening and closing, changing and shifting. Some shifts are smaller than others, and some shifts rip big gaping wounds in you that you are unsure will ever heal.

They do. They always do.

The hubby and I have been spending more time hiking, getting ready for our trip to Tahoe (although I know I am in no way prepared for the elevation change.)

We have learned that on the Sundays that I do have off, it is best to leave the city. Those days are rare, and special, and intentionally spending quality time together is key.

We have found hidden places, up high in the hills. I have been choosing the hikes based on length and elevation change, increasing it each time.

Last week, though, we opted to just go to the gym because it was hot as hades outside and we both have our limits.

We have celebrated the marriage of one of my oldest friends--a wonderful, simple celebration in a field with close friends and family. 

And two days ago, we celebrated 4 years of our own marriage. We have both grown and changed so much in the past 4 years, and climbed over significant hurdles. I love him more now than ever, and look forward to more laughter, inside jokes, and everything else (even the laundry and dishes).

Now, off to the studio to pour my heart into metal.



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