The Interior

It has been many years since I've worked full time.

Well, worked a job full time. Going to school was definitely full time, plus some. But there was flexibility. There were mornings, afternoons, and weekends. Now, my weekends fall on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and every other Sunday.

This means that blissfully, I have the whole house to myself for two days each week. As a gal who really needs a good amount of alone time--quiet time--this is sacred. I generally spend one day working on the house (more on that soon), and one day in the studio. Wednesday evenings are reserved for Studio Time with my dear friend (and semi-student) Eddie. He is a woodworker/banjo maker/leather worker and I've been teaching him a thing or two about metalsmithing.

Funny enough, I've been spending more time in the studio in my spare time than I thought I would! Between having a student, and handling repairs and custom jobs for the store (as seen above), as well as my own jewelry, I've been in there a lot.

Above is a custom order I recently finished for one of our very good customers. Using the customer's Larimar, I set it in 18KY bezel, with labradorite and amethyst charms as well. The gold accents are all 18K and the rest is sterling silver. I really hope she loves it.

Today I'm taking a mini-break, though. Today I am working on the interior. The home.

We live in a two-bedroom apartment with our two kitties. With us both working full-time and having engagements outside the home, there hasn't been quite as much effort put into the interior design aspect of our living space. That paired with renting. Recently, after lamenting about not being able to buy our own home, I sat myself down and said, "Put that effort into the space you have now. Work on the garden. Invest some money. Paint if you must. Put up shelves. Make it yours."

These are all things I remember reading in Apartment Therapy years ago, and they are finally sticking. I recently went to the Rebuilding Center and fell in love with massive chunky lengths of wood that must have been cross beams or something. They're rough and barely sanded. I had them chop them into 4' lengths and have been slowly installing them all over the house. The kitties now have window-sills to sit on and gaze out into the world. The bathroom now has a shelf, and I have space for my books. I have never been so excited about shelves in all my life. That and soaker hoses (I finally got some to expedite the watering of the garden and am so glad I did! I need a few more, and to install the edging in the back, but that will come).

I want to be surrounded by beauty. I want to feel at home in my own home. Art is going up, things are shifting around. After 2 years I am finally settling in.



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