Endings and Beginnings

Whew! I tell you, it has been a time. The past two months have seen some big changes in my life. I have been working 6-7 day weeks for two months straight, and by last week, my ability to filter or process much was just gone. I was exhausted. Luckily, I was also dog-sitting so I was able to get some much-needed alone/quiet time in the evenings.

I have finally retired from nannying. That was probably the most major change. I have been with the same family for 9 years. Almost an entire decade! When people ask if I want kids, I kind of laugh and say, "Nope, I've already raised kids." I love those kids like nothing else, and when I made the decision to leave, I nearly had a panic attack. But I couldn't pass up the opportunity I was given. Now that things have settled, I can schedule some time with them!

I also left my post at OCAC as Studio Manager. I thought my new job was going to be part time, and that I could handle both jobs...not so. I ended up working full time almost right away, and barely made it through May in one piece.

Which brings me to the new beginning--you are now looking at the Assistant Manager at Silverado Portland, a jewelry store in Bridgeport Village. I am loving my new job. It's fun, it's fast paced (most of the time), we have really lovely customers, and I get to sell jewelry without worrying about making it. Plus, we represent some great artists. Perk: I get to wear different jewelry every day. I am in charge of their website, social media, marketing, and am also working on repairs and custom pieces (I'll be starting a very exciting one this next week!). Soon, I will have more balance as well, and can really truly get back into my studio.

In the meantime, I have been sneaking in some studio time to finish my piece for The Contemporary Jewelry Exchange (I can't wait to show you!!!) and have discovered some fun things along the way. I'll post pictures soon.

Yesterday and today were my first weekend in two months. I definitely felt the effects of exhaustion this morning--spacey, tired, unable to focus. But I had a date at the spa, and spent a bunch of time in the garden, and felt much, much better. Back to work tomorrow!



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