The Ups and Downs

Life has been full of ups and downs lately. There are so many transitions lately that all I can do is stick my elbows out and get carried along with the flow.

I got a new job at a jewelry store--it's very fun, eclectic, and my co-workers are wonderful.

I finally, finally, retired from nannying. When I got the new job, and realized this was going to happen, I had awful awful nightmares.

I am still having nightmares. But I figure it's all part of the process.

My body needs extra care lately. Some very real repercussions are taking place whenever I eat something I'm not supposed to (wheat, alcohol, coffee, sugar, etc.). It's scary and I'm doing the best I can to tweak my diet and be good. I am even sipping bone broth as I write this.

Today was my first day off work in 3 weeks (hello, transition period!) and I took myself to the art museum to see the Italian Fashion exhibition. It was wonderful and made me want to look further into my great aunt's life--she was a contessa in Vicenza during WWII and after. I am so curious about her life. I am blessed to have some of her belongings, including two scarves from Dior with little notes written on them by him.

I read my friend's suicide note. It didn't answer any questions and really threw me off for a few days. I have to work very hard, every day, to keep a healthy frame of mind about her suicide.

Our collaboration pieces are going to travel far and wide! I am so grateful.

Due to the current state of teaching at universities in America, I have postponed my going to grad school indefinitely. I still want to...someday. But with the state of things, I just can't justify the debt when the job prospects are so dismal.

Like I said, this is a seriously transitional time. It is kind of strange, but I'm just going with the flow as best I am able.

Oh, and Amber is limping. And falling. She can barely jump--I'm hoping it's just arthritis but we'll see.

I can't wait to get back into the studio tomorrow.



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