What a day.
Between Sammy throwing up blood at 4 am Monday morning, and subsequently spending the day at the vet’s, bad news coming from the familial end of things, the absence of my husband (who is in California working for a month), and a bunch of little things in between, I was a bit of a wreck.
A wilted, weepy, wispy wreck.
(And I was at school....I hate being weepy around my peers.)

So, on the drive home from school, I impulsively took a small detour.
A detour that led to a store with aisles of leggings and tights.
Retail therapy.

Now my legs are prepared for the onset of winter, and my dress collection will not be neglected because of the biting cold, wind, and rain. And, there’s color! A wee bit of purple to brighten the grey and black tone of my wardrobe up (I wanted to go for yellow, too, but I’m still shy. Shy from colors? Yes. Yes, that’s me.)

Soon, I am sure there will be yummy warm knee socks, in bright colors, to add to my collection, as well.  I can’t wait. I love being a girl.

And for those wondering….tights and leggings are one of the exceptions to my Nothing New challenge, although if I do see them at a Goodwill or second hand store, I will buy them (but that is a rarity).

Nothing New is a challenge I set for myself to buy nothing new (with some exceptions) between May 19, 2012 and May 19, 2013.



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