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Small Copper Vessel

I realized, not too long ago, that it has been a whole month since I posted a blog.
Holy smokes! I have been neglectful.
Or, busy.

She Who Soars. Replica Earspools
Brass, Copper, Sterling Silver, Turquoise

School, work, and life in general have picked me up, and whisked me away into their oblivion. Luckily, I have a short break between projects and am able to play catch-up with all those little things that need my attention.
Mahogany bowl

This semester has been incredible, actually. I am taking four classes, and am sitting in on another one. They are...Writing for Artists, Art of the Early Americas, Introduction to Woodworking, and Concept Seminar: Beauty. The one I'm sitting in on is a Hollowware class, where I'm practicing raising metal vessels in anticipation of the Teapot class I'll be taking next semester.
Memory Vessel No. 1
Copper, Patina, Resin, Eucalyptus Leaves & Pods, Canadian Garnets 

During the last few months, my boundaries have been stretched, and my concept of who I am and how I work has been evolving (which is what we should want, right?) I am embracing this evolution with open arms and love. I have been wanting it for a long time.

Copper Vessel (In Progress)

 In other news, there are many changes afoot. My husband recently was laid off from his job (with only 24 hours notice), and has traveled down to California to work for his brother for a while. After spending a continuous 7 years with someone, this is quite the adjustment, especially since he is in an area with no cell service. I am suddenly transported back to my days as a young single woman, living alone in Sydney, Australia. The independent part of me is rejoicing, but there is a certain emptiness that pervades everything.

Convergence Necklace (In Progress)

Soon, we will be moving to a smaller apartment. My studio will be located in a friend's basement. I am hesitant to make the move, but I honestly believe it will be better for us. Downsizing is something I've wanted to do for a long time. Changes are afoot.

 Convergence Necklace
Sterling Silver, Brass, Antler Tip, Patina



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