We Were Robbed.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. On Thursday, March 29, while we were across the street having a phenomenal dinner with friends at Abby's Table, our plucky little Subaru was bashed, banged, and robbed. It completely ruined the evening for us...heck, the whole week, really. DW and I were just starting to feel really good about everything, and were making plans for traveling (hello honeymoon!) when this happened. A lot was taken, too, since we had just come from work and had stowed the bags in the car (yes, I know, I know).

Luckily, we have decent insurance, but still had to spend most of our savings on getting not one, but two windows replaced. And yes, we're getting reimbursed for the stolen goods, but again, there's factoring of depreciation and the deductible, which lands us with about only 2/3 of what was stolen. Last week I was in a haze of overwhelming repairs and dealing with insurance...it is something I never want to deal with again.

This week, I ordered my new backpack to replace my lovely Osprey FlapJack Pack (I'm getting the same backpack, because it's amazing), and will hopefully be replacing my laptop later in the week. I am really glad that the thieves who broke in to the car and stole my backpack actually threw my notebooks out of the bag, because those are irreplacable and I would have been pretty lost without all my notes. And luckily, I did not have my portable hard drive with me! Phew! Imagine all those photos and documents lost. 

What hurt was how selfish people are, and how violated we felt after being robbed. Someone took it upon themselves to decide that we had what they wanted, and they took it. The moral degradation in others is staggering at times. It truly makes me question humanity. I decided soon after, though, that I would try to take something positive out of this, and that is this: Because I am good, because I do good by others and have integrity and am honest, I will continue to move up in the world. My life is rich with love and happiness. But those thieves? Every time they do something bad, every time they hurt someone else, a part of their soul is lost, and soon they will be empty shells of human beings. I take comfort in that.

Things are wrapping up now, life is carrying on, and I am finding my organization skills once again. We are now more vigilant than ever as well.

Be vigilant. Be safe.



  1. So sorry this happened to you.

    Big time suckage!!

    We were robbed once, in Portland, similar situation, lost a brand new digital tablet that Eliki had just received from work, but other than that - we did not have much else to steal.

    But we had a broken window - which I don't think we ever replaced. It was an old car, and it wasn't worth it. So we did the plastic with duct tape fix. Anyway, very good of you to see more in life now, rather than let yourself be so discouraged you see less of it. Chin up! :) - Heather R.T.


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