Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

....and I have definitely been absent of late!
I realized today that I haven't posted anything since our car was broken into. Shame. That has, luckily, been resolved quite nicely.

I've been beyond busy with the final weeks of the semester, working on multiple projects at a time and lamenting how I always put too much on my plate.

Currently in the pickle rest two lichen brooches for my Nature & Culture class, surrounding me sit multiple dream drawings for my Drawing class, and at school there is the structure of a hollow box in my locker in the metals studio, for my Digital Tools for Artists class. And, in my backpack sit my flashcards for Art History, waiting to be drilled into my memory.

Here are a few visuals to sooth your curiousity....enjoy!

Where Dreams Are Held (In progress)

I Dreamed That I Could Fly With the Power of the Stars

The Desert Bazaar

Electroformed Eucalyptus 

Lichen Study No. 2

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