Back to School...

This coming week, I'll be entering my 4th week of school at the Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, Oregon.  I've been here before, but this time it's different.  I find that people are nicer, more open to making friends, less clique-y.  It's most likely because the last time I started this process, I came into it mid-year, but regardless, it is a relief.  Every time I come to OCAC, I am reminded why I love this place so much.  There are only about 200 students here, and it's a pretty tight-knit community.  In addition to that, the staff and teachers are phenomenal.  There is so much passion in these people, it's palpable.  And that is exactly what you want to be surrounded by when you're spending thousands of dollars to get a stellar education.  Granted, this is my second time around, but I know that I will walk out of here far more knowledgeable than when I graduated from my Australian Alma Mater.  

It has been quite an adjustment, as far as time management is concerned.  I envy those students who don't have jobs, who can just study, and do homework day in and day out.  And heck, even have a social life!  I am definitely juggling, but luckily I am a 'busy bee', as Dave lovingly says, so I can handle it. 

Here is what I am learning so far:

I am much better at drawing than I thought.  Much better than 10 years ago!
I knew this already, but I LOVE history.  I find it absolutely fascinating.  My life is steeped in family history.  I am constantly thinking about history, and how it has affected how and where we are now.  I am two history classes right now and love the heck out of them.
Making boxes is so fun!  Working with board and book cloth is a lot more fragile than metal, but it is so much faster and very fun.

And of course...I am constantly reminded of how much I love working with metal and creating jewelry.  It is part of my soul, my heart.

What are you learning right now? 



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