10 Years Ago...

Ten years ago, I was about to go to bed in Sydney, Australia when my (then) boyfriend's phone beeped.  The message said "Turn on the TV, watch WWIII".  We thought it was quite a strange message, and it was quite late already, but we went and turned on the TV anyway.  

We sat entranced as we saw the first tower burning, and shocked as we saw the plane hit the second tower, LIVE.  There are no words to describe the horror of those moments and the hours, days, months to follow.  I was 19, living alone in a foreign country, and had already felt the backlash of simply being American.

I stayed up that night until about 4 am., only going to bed because I had school the next day.  My day was a haze...and at every opportunity, I scooted over to the student lounge to watch the news, in shock.  When I got home, it had been raining.  Storm clouds loomed over, and I thought it poetic for the circumstances.  As I walked down my street, I looked out over the cliffs and saw a striking rainbow out over the ocean, breaking through the dark clouds.  I rushed as quickly as possible into my flat, grabbed my camera, ran to the cliffs, and captured the image above.  A ray of hope, streaming out of death and destruction.

Our world is an extremely different place, 10 years later.  I think of those who gave their lives searching for the less fortunate, and send them my thanks.  I think of the children who will only know the ghosts of their parents, and send them hope.  I think of the people on those planes...all of them...and send them peace.

May they all rest in peace.



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