Treasures from the Oregon Coast....

 After our wedding, Dave and I went camping with some friends from Australia.  I picked up many little treasures along the way.  The trip lasted a few days, and was chock full of laughter and happy moments.  I absolutely love the Oregon Coast, and was thrilled to be able to share it with people who mean so much to me.

A week after our return, I headed back to the coast (further north, this time) to do some nanny work.  It was just what I needed, to relax and unwind.  In the throes of life's hardest moments (in this case, de-compressing from the wedding and all planning leading up to it), I often long for the ocean.  
It centers me, reminding me of the immense beauty and power surrounding us.  Some people long for walks in the woods, or being surrounded by the desert...I need water in those moments.  
A river will do, but the ocean is what centers me the most.

What centers you

As always, follow your heart...



  1. Pretty much ANYTHING outside...not in the city outside....but OUTSIDE know what I mean. And it's even BETTER if I'm running while I'm there.

  2. Oh yes! The other place I long for is up in the hills where my mom used to live. You can hear the distant sound of the train, but other than that, it's just you, the crickets, and the stars. And of course, the deer and occasional bobcat :D


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