I am finally home from our Wedding and Camping extravaganza!  Of course, I leave again for work tomorrow (today was a great day for relaxation).

The wedding was absolutely amazing.  I felt a sense of almost surreality in the days leading up to it, what with all the pre-wedding events and lack of sleep.  It was beautiful, and so worth the months of hard work.  We are now a few thousand dollars poorer, but a few thousand memories richer....and which do you think matters more?

People keep asking if I feel different.  Not necessarily, but....

There is more love.
More tenderness.
More joy.

Did I mention...more love?

May your life be as blessed and full of love and joy as ours is.....


images by Tor Clausen



  1. You looked stunning - happiness glowing from within :-)
    Congrats on an amazing day and a fabulous start to a happy life together!

  2. Thank you! It was an amazing day, and we are so thrilled :D

  3. EEEEE!!!!!!
    LOVE these glimpses of the big day!
    You sure are a beauty.
    You sure are a beauty.


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