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Pods and Buds, necklace

Beth Legg is a fascinating jewelry and artist from Scotland. Her work has a wonderful minimalist quality to it, pairing natural elements such as twigs, wood and plants with metalwork and pearls. Because of the minimal combinations of colors, her work has a very graphic appeal. As a maker, I can immediately imagine how these would look being worn. They are sculptural, yet sophisticated at the same time.

Pods and Buds necklace (above) is nicely balanced despite it's asymmetry. I imagine the pods would rest nicely on the chest and the twig would frame the other side of the neck quite comfortably.

Hinterlands Neckpiece I

The composition of Hinterlands Neckpiece I is even and invites me to create a narrative about what it is or what it could mean. From a distance, the stones appear almost like birds perched above the delicate branches and the lines of the chain coming down from those branches almost create an outline of rocky cliffs.

Birdcage Neckpiece

Strictly because of the name of Birdcage Neckpiece, my mind wants to create a narrative about this necklace as well. I can almost imagine the struggle of a bird within a cage because of the immense pile and tangle of the chain. The loops on the chain remind me of birds' feet wrapped around little twigs, and I immediately wonder what the white element is made from.

You can view more of Beth Legg's work on her website. Enjoy!

via Amy Tavern



  1. Wow, that jewelry is absolutely incredible, I was instantly obsessed.


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