Clifton Bieundurry

Clifton Bieundurry is considered one of the most exciting emerging Aboriginal artists coming out of Australia. A quote from Frank Pictures Gallery Website:

"A Walmajarri man raised in the bush by influential parents, Clifton has been developing his skills as a singer and as a painter over the last 5 years. He is influenced greatly by his Country and Culture. Speaking in several languages, he is recognized for his interpreting skills, working closely with the Justice and Health systems and assisting community development.

His artworks have been extremely popular in the last 2 years as he often works at the Old Broome Lockup Gallery sharing his ideas and culture with clients, tourists and anybody else who is interested in learning more about Australian Indigenous Culture. He strives to produce work that steps outside the use of just canvas, working on handmade paper and cotton. He feels some of the materials he uses already "Speak" the country.

Clifton is also lead singer of Groovylips and The Yang, an original Broome based band that combines Didjeridoo and guitar with contempory and traditional language."

I highly encourage you to visit the website and view all the paintings there, as well as the descriptions. The influences behind Bieundurry's work is both inspiring and fascinating. I absolutely adore contemporary Aboriginal art, and hope to someday become a more active collector and supporter of it.



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