What is your favourite Ring A Day?

This was the question posed for this month's Blog Carnival, hosted by EtsyMetal. We can choose our own favorite creation, or that of someone else. I'm going to stick to my own creations, because realistically, there are so many that I love that other people have created and it would be so difficult to narrow it down to just five!

My favorite Ring A Day creations, so far, are the rings I've been making with old bezels that have had the stones removed from them. These started as just a fun play on looking at the beauty in discarded components, but it's turned into something that I really do find intriguing. The shapes created by the smooshed bezel are rough, yet intriguing, and something I wouldn't be able to readily create without removing a stone from them. They also make interesting shapes when stacked with each other, and can be paired up in fun ways.

I started with just remaking a pair and leaving them plain, with a matte finish, then moved on to painting some with enamel paints (testor paints, not to be mistaken with ground glass enamel). The latest one moves this progression a step further. I created a texture on the metal using a file, then gave it a dark patina, and set a peridot in it for a bit of flash. I truly love this latest creation and am looking forward to seeing what else I can create. It may well become a series, if I can hunt down some more bezels!

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  1. "Beauty is the discarded." Your discovery of this new series is exactly what I love about this project! I think your onto something really exciting with these "smashed bezels" rings!


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