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Paddy Bedford (Australian, Gija people, ca. 1922–2007)
Queensland Creek (Merrmerrji), 2005
Ocher on composition board; 32 3/4 x 40 1/4 in. (83 x 102.2 cm)
Private Collection
© Paddy Bedford Estate

A few weeks ago, I took part in one of Etsy Metal's Project Runway Jewelry Challenges, from Season 7, Episode 3 of the show. Our challenge was to create a piece of jewelry inspired by an art piece in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I chose the above piece for inspiration for a few reasons. With my background history relating to Australia, I have a real love and passion for contemporary Aboriginal artists. There are many issues surrounding being inspired by Aboriginal art, because a lot of the art is derivative of family history and Dreamings.

Bedford's painting depicts the landscape surrounding Queensland Creek, which the Gija people called Merrmerrji. Much of Bedford's paintings are inspired by aerial perspectives of the landscape around the East Kimberley Region of Western Australia, where he lived. In Bedford's painting, "Queensland Creek", I could feel the vastness of the landscape and imagine the landscape as well.

I loved the choice of colors and lines, the composition of "Queensland Creek", and wanted to show a similar aerial view of the two main homes of my childhood--my father's in Portland, and my mother's in the Columbia River Gorge. Painting is a new thing for me, which proved to be challenging in a few ways, but I enjoyed the process and am pleased with the end result.

Credits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for information and images.



  1. The Paddy Bedford is not just an aerial view of country - it is also an elevation view as well.

  2. Anthony, you are quite right. Thank you for that correction. I have made the correct changes to my post.


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