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Darling River Trilby Station western NSW

Oh, I would save the world if I could. I have struggled many years with deciding what I want to do with my life based on that. As part of my "reorganization" of my business, I have decided that it is high time for me to start donating to various charities. I will soon be selecting a certain charity every few months, and making jewelry specifically relevant to their cause. All proceeds from the sales of this jewelry will be donated to said charity.

The first on my list, starting in September, is Aussie Helpers. Once in a while, you may hear me talk about Australia, and those who know me well know how deeply my love for Australia runs. Recently, National Geographic Magazine ran a story on the drought in Australia. It left me in tears. The Murray-Darling River Basin is low and has become salinated because of over use for crops, irrigation, dams, etc. Pair that with the drought and you have some serious issues not only for the river itself, but for the environment and farmers.

This is where Aussie Helpers comes in. The founders, Brian and Nerida Egan, established Aussie Helpers in 2002 to help fight poverty and lift the spirits of those severely affected by drought in the outback. Brian lost his own farm in the 1990's and is no stranger to hardship. Brian and about 40 volunteers work hard to assist families in the bush who are in desperate need of help--whether that is in the form of groceries, or food for cattle, Aussie Helpers makes it happen.

What attracts me most to Aussie Helpers is that it is such a grass roots organization. The money donated goes directly to them, and their help goes directly to the families. I did plenty of research and have found Aussie Helpers to be a stand up organization, backed my many other organizations around Australia.

If you would like to learn more, please visit Aussie Helpers website. There are tons of photos and much more information.



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