The evolution of a boat...

This is Bob's 4038, the copper boat I've been working on re-doing. The above shows a bit of it's evolution so far. Clockwise from top left:
1. The boat with black patina
2. The boat with lid and black patina
3. My first method: a layer of fixative, dried, followed by 1-2 layers of prismacolor, repeat. I don't know if it was the heat of the day, or the fixative not curing, or too many layers, but it started to peel, so I had to remove it and started on a different method using gesso.
4. My second attempt: a layer of white gesso, upon which prismacolor is to be applied
5. The first layer of prismacolor
6. The 2nd or 3rd layer of prismacolor
7. The final layer of prismacolor. I did apply fixative after the 3rd layer of prismacolor to give it some more "tooth" to keep going and get a bit of a darker color. I finished it with a layer of fixative to seal the prismacolor. It's a bit spottier than I would like, but it is modeled after children's illustrations, so it's pretty true to the original.
8. Now, on to the lid...

You can view more progress and photos on my flickr page. Enjoy!



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