A great start to 2009!

Being a metalsmith often means sitting a lot. We sit at benches, at stumps, at soldering stations. Being a student also means sitting a lot. Both practices don't leave much time for exercise, either.

So, for Christmas, I bought myself and my partner the Bell Motivator Mag Indoor Bike Trainer. Most cyclists will know what this is. It's a stand, basically, that you can set your bike into and make stationary in order to ride indoors.

The one I got is the absolute most basic model you can get, which is fine by me--I'm not a hardcore cyclist so I don't need any bells and whistles. It was super easy to set up and I've already had my first session on it, and love it.



  1. congrats on the new trainer - its nice to be able to exercise even when its cold and snowy


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