I have a confession....

I love men's clothes. Not on me, not necessarily on all women, but I love men's clothes. I've always wanted to have a guy friend who I could go shopping with (or for) and basically play dress-up with :) Too bad...one of those guy friends is about 7000 miles south west of here.

What do I like so much about men's clothes? Ties, for one. Ties are gorgeous. Suits, dress shirts, pants (especially sexy designer jeans), printed shirts, shoes, everything.

These ties by Toybreaker are absolutely stunning and enticing. If only I had all the money in the world...right? :)



  1. You're right that ties are the best. The pack all the best things into that little piece of garment.

    I love menswear too. I used to make shirts and pants out of men's suiting and shirt materials. I love the beautiful classic colors and patterns. Perfect for the non-fluffy look I like.


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