Spirits of the Abandoned

Oh, abandoned buildings. Be still my heart! I love love love abandoned buildings, homes, towns...you name it. Part of my childhood was spent at my mom's house, up on a hill in the 'middle of nowhere'. Rumor had it that once, a town was up there, with a post office and homes. The hills were filled with orchardists and farmers. But supposedly, after a few natural disasters, people moved to other towns where the land was not so volatile. We used to spend our summers playing outside, making forts and climbing in trees. As we got older, we would sneak over to other properties across the fields and explore old abandoned homes, look at books that were stashed underneath them (always wary of spiders and snakes), and make up stories of who must have lived here, once upon a time. There was an old house that was leaning...it must have been a beautiful home in it's day. I'm sure it has toppled by now, and I know it was very dangerous to be climbing around in it.

But, back to the point. I just discovered "Spirits of the Abandoned", a website and now a book, of photographs of abandoned places. The galleries on the website are wonderful, and I cannot help but wonder at the circumstances that took place, and the fact that someone out there must still own the land these buildings are on. There are always stories, and the mystery constantly awakes my imagination. Explore! (but, carefully)

via The Broken Plate
images from Spirits of the Abandoned



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