I dream of camping...

A good friend of mine used to have a tee pee in his back yard, with a chair and futon bed inside. It was heaven, with the exception of the bugs. I have always loved the beauty of camping in summer...the fresh air, the closeness to the world around you, the beauty of the night sky. So when I saw this post over at poppytalk, it transported me back to that time. Summer has finally arrived and I am looking forward to a small camping adventure next weekend, although it won't be nearly as fabulous as this.

image via poppytalk



  1. I hope it's a beautiful weekend. I'm going wine touring for the afternoon on Sunday and fingers crossed, we will all have lovely warm weather!

    Wouldn't it be great if we could camp like your photo on this post? Then we could also wear dresses and have servants bring us tea in china cups. That kind of camping I would so be into!

  2. C'mon, ALL camping is fabulous, even if it rains or snows. Lucky you...( try camping on the island of St Maarten!)Sigh...

  3. Oh... that picture looks AMAZING!!! I wish I was there instead of here (secretly blogging at work)

  4. I love that photo! I think that's the perfect looking bed:)


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