New Work

This past weekend marked a new "era" in my jewellery.

For a long time now, I have resisted using stones in my work. This is for a number of reasons--most of the time stones don't fit in, or I find the style too "already done". However, with the onset of my mom's birthday, I decided to create a necklace with her birthstone, plus my brother's and mine. While waiting to create this, I have acquired some beads
and played around with them a lot this weekend.

I discovered a few things. First, pearls burn (I only checked online about heat sensitivity after burning one), and labradorite is not heat sensitive. From now on, I will check before introducing flames. Also, I have realised that all those scraps which I thought were useless, and just sitting around, now have a purpose! Both of these pieces were made using scraps, and I have ideas for many more.

Now my focus is on creating my own style when using stones, as well as getting into setting them. Hopefully this weekend, amidst working crazy hours and hosting a party, I will be able to create at least one setting.

I have also been posting all my new work, and some old, to my Etsy shop:

Back on Track

I have finally had enough time to sit at home for the better part of a day, and make some production work. The first task at hand is to make and finish a batch of Flower earrings (you can check them out at In the coming weeks I'll be working on a few projects including a batch of Seed Pod earrings (modeled after Jacaranda pods), a series of endangered butterfly necklaces, and a present for my mom (my first gem setting endeavor). Also on the horizon are a few one-offs, inspired by dreams and my hydraulic press.

Most of these will either be on sale at my Etsy shop, but I will also be taking them to local shops here in Portland to put on consignment.

Disproportionate Weight

Previous to getting new supplies for jewelry, I had found some old scraps that I could work with. I got this great idea to make lariats out of them, so ordered the chain and got all parts ready. However, when it was actually put together, it looked cool on the mannequin, but horrible on me, and the weight proportions were completely off. I'm bummed, since I spent a week or more on it, but it was a good lesson. I have since dismantled said piece and set it aside to work with later. I don't know what will become of its parts, but that can be figured out at a later date.

For now, my efforts will be put towards production pieces and a birthday necklace for my mom--my first venture in setting gemstones!