Zig Zag Around the Mountain

On top of buying a house.
On top of renovating the garage.
On top of all this topsy-turvy stuff....

We got a dog.

Not just any dog. THE dog. The dog I have been waiting 11 years for. The dog I have been patiently planning for while dog-sitting to get my "fix."

I told my husband when we were buying a house that the order of things would go house-->fence-->dog. Well....the house came with a fence, so that moved things ahead (yay!).

On June 1, we traveled to a small town in northern Washington and picked out our puppy. A little boy pup who is precarious and mischievous and loving.

Introducing Zig Zag Around The Mountain, aka Zig Zag, aka Ziggy.

He loves taking showers with us and carrying his stuffed animals to and from his crate. He passes out in our laps and desperately wants the kitties to play with him. We do sprints back and forth in our big back yard, and he reluctantly walks around the block with us. We are completely in love with him.



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