Musical Inspiration

Inspiration comes from many corners. I find music to be essential in how I go about my days. I generally have a bit of a "playlist" going according to how I feel or am wanting to feel--in the car, in the studio, at the gym. If I go too long without listening to music, I feel this strange withdrawal...although, silence is often hard to come by in the city and welcomed.

This one. This has so much emotion in it, and reminds me of a beautiful being I once knew. It reminds me of love, life, and adventure.



  1. This is definitely one thing I miss in the studio, as I don't currently have any electricity up there, (it's a shed) I can't have music playing, I could stick my earphones in I suppose

  2. I almost always have to have music playing just to be able to focus. It fills in the background, and takes away a lot of distractions. Plus, it can really energize me. Get those earphones and jam out!


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