Turning points

Perhaps it is the changing seasons, but maybe it is something more. I can feel things changing within me.

I haven't been journaling, although I know I should. Time has been a precious thing around these parts lately.

Summer has wrapped up nicely. School has started again (not for me--yay!!) and it's been fun seeing all the new students, as well as returning ones. There have still been adventures--archery, hiking, ventures to the coast (on what was a 90+ degree day in Portland...and it was 20 degrees lower than predicted at the coast). September will be full of birthdays, weddings, and more adventures. I'm definitely looking forward to the slower seasons of fall and winter.

The studio is coming along, slowly. Between working two jobs, working out at the gym, and housesitting, I have rarely seen the inside of it. Yesterday was going to be a big push to get it finished, but we were waylayed by having to take our Siamese cat, Sammy, to the ER Vet. We spent 6 hours there. Today is full of two more vet visits, including one to an internal specialist.  Admittedly, I am struggling to maintain my normal levels of positivity while watching my cat suffer.

In other news, I have been thinking more about my business lately, and all the little things that make it tick. Rather, WILL make it tick. Which social media venues to concentrate on, redesigning my website/blog/etsy, etc. Retailers to pursue, designs, etc. Dave suggested putting wood laminate flooring down in the new studio and for half of yesterday, it was all I could think about. But, I'll be quite happy to just clean and seal the concrete floor and get set up again. Waiting to get set up is giving me the itchies to get working again!

Additionally, I have been thinking about salt. I am pairing up with a good friend (and metalsmith) to collaborate on a piece for Co:Operation Garnish--we are very excited!

More soon!



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