This Is It

It's all wrapping up, winding down. Not quite the end, but the end to a lot of things. The pieces have been made, the paper is written. There are no more meetings. Experimentations are done. There is a sense of both relief and disbelieving panic at the same time.

On Monday, I start installing my work in the Hoffman Gallery at OCAC for my first Thesis show (one of three), which opens on Wednesday. I'll have my Orals Defense on Thursday (to be followed by many celebratory drinks), followed by a public presentation on May 13, off-site exhibition (JUNCTURE) opening May 16, and graduate show at the Hoffman Gallery opening on May 17. Let the last of the whirlwinds begin!!

I will have much more to share about the actual work in my Thesis soon. I had a fantastic photo shoot with my husband, David Woody, today with the pieces on, and they will be photographed again in May. Overall, I'm thrilled with the pieces and the process I have undergone. I honestly could probably have written my thesis paper for months to come, and when I look back at my research, I find myself continually inspired. It's an incredible feeling.

In the meantime, if you want to see more of my process, head over to my Instagram!



  1. I lllooovvveeeeeee seeing the end unfolding.
    You are ahhh-mazing!

  2. Aw, thanks toots!! It's been quite the process, but I'm so excited for this part of it. Can't wait for you to come visit!!


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