Winter, Season of the New...

Winter seems to be the season of the new...
Perhaps it is because of the cold. Or maybe the worn down, trodded upon, and torn up pieces of attire to go with said cold are simply more apparent.

I have made few exceptions in my challenge to buy nothing new. When my hairdryer died, I simply used the curling iron I had borrowed from a friend for a wedding. Until she wanted it back. Then, after a few weeks of throwing my messy, curly-kinky-not-quite-wavy locks up into a bun for convenience, I bought a hair dryer at Goodwill for $8.

It screamed. Screeched. Then, only halfway through the hair-drying process, it would stop cold.
After listening to me huff and puff about this, my dear husband simply bought me a new one.

I traded in an old coat that had gone from waterproof to water-absorbent at REI for a new coat. This one really is waterproof, this time. The same day, I walked past a rack of woven skirts. For the most part, that impulse of "I have to have this RIGHT NOW!" has gone away, but I had to have that skirt. I knew I wouldn't find anything like it at Goodwill, so I made an exception.

And the boots. One of my gifts for Christmas was a gift card. I haven't had winter boots since I moved to Australia over 10 years ago. I'd been eying this style of boots for months, hoping I would see some at a second hand place. Now, with gift card in hand, I knew what it would be going to--a pair of red Sorels for myself, and some winter boots for the hubby. After all, we had big plans for hiking in the snow during the winter break, and these would make it possible.

Plus, they're cute. 'nough said.

After I purchased my boots, I wandered around the store, waiting for something to jump out at me. Waiting for that impulse again. Since may, that impulse to grab things and purchase them right away has died away almost completely (well, with the exception of that knitted skirt). Over the summer, I distinctly remember accompanying one of my girlfriends to the mall, and feeling positively distressed that I couldn't just buy what I wanted when I wanted. Now, I feel as if I have everything I need.

It's a really good feeling.
I am content.
I have all I need and want.

I've learned that the impulse is simply lack of patience. And realistically, sometimes we don't have the time to wait and scout around every second hand store. Sometimes we do need a headlamp for hiking those caves tomorrow. But for the most part, I find that if I wait, the right thing comes along when it's supposed to.

5 months to go.

Nothing New is a challenge I set for myself to buy nothing new (with some exceptions) between May 19, 2012 and May 19, 2013



  1. I don't know how many blogs you read, but there so SO many 'wish list' posts of things that people want, and then the other day I stumbled on this post:

    Which was just refreshing.

  2. You are so right! What a refreshing post.

    This project of mine has really opened up my eyes to how I view purchasing things, and what I really need and don't need. I have 5 months to go, and am actually excited about that. I'll probably continue the habits I've started for long after I'm done.


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