It has been epic...

The last few months have been....epic, to say the least.  For my small metalsmithing practice, I have rarely been so busy.  I have certainly not had huge projects back to back that make me into some crazed, obsessive, insanely focused work machine.

I'm not complaining...I love the busy-ness and drive to create.
However, I am so dearly looking forward to taking walks with my loved one again.
Being able to sleep in.
Being able to go to sleep *before* midnight!
Not being a zombie at work.
Cooking meals and watching movies together (as opposed to a combination of frozen food + salad and movies playing on my iphone while I am working on jewelry and Dave is sitting at his desk).

Three more nights of metals work.  One day of a jewelry sale.
And a 6 day dog sitting adventure...then I will be back to normal.  Aaaaah. 

I can't wait to relax in a bath on...October 11.



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