Ring-ing in the New Year!!!

One of the fabulous members of EtsyMetal, Nina Dinoff, proposed a challenge the other day: to create a ring a day for a month, and possibly even for a year! I have decided to join in. There aren't really any "rules", but just the encouragement to create.

These rings could take 5 seconds, or 5 hours, as long as I create something, every day. You can check out the EtsyMetal blog for more details, and have a glance at the Flickr group as well! Above is my first entry for the Ring A Day (RAD 2010) challenge.

I decided to partake in this challenge partially because I want to get back to being more involved with EtsyMetal, and partially because I want to push myself with my creativity. Last year, I had many other things that I needed to concentrate on, and this year I would like to refocus my attention on my jewelry, my business, getting fit, and saving money. Thanks for reading!



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