Helping Others: Eucalyptus Earrings

In my quest to 'save the world', or at least do my part, I have recently decided to start creating select pieces whose proceeds will go to specific charities. My first endeavor in this project, 'Helping Others', are the Eucalyptus Earrings.

The proceeds from the sales of these earrings will go to Aussie Helpers, a grassroots organization in Australia that directly helps farmers and families in the outback who have been negatively affected by the many years of droughts there. To find out more about Aussie Helpers, please visit their website. I am not sure how long I will be creating jewelry for each charity--I'm sort of waiting to see how well this takes off. You can go directly to the Eucalyptus Earrings listing on my Etsy shop by clicking the photo above. Thank you!!!



  1. those are lovely!!! good luck with your endeavor ... i'm so proud of you! (((love))) and (((hugs))) mama

  2. Very cute - I'll have to check out your etsy shop!


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